What is a Swatch Box?

A Swatch Box is a monthly subscription box for those who enjoy the needle arts.

Each Swatch Box contains three to four high quality, hand picked items for you to make with or to grow your craft stash with. 

What is in a Swatch Box?

What is in a Swatch Box will vary month to month. 

Depending on the box you order, your Swatch Box could include notions, yarn, fabric, making kits, etc. 

Your Swatch Box is meant to inspire you to make and to build your craft stash.

Most of what you find in a Swatch Box comes from other small businesses. By purchasing a Swatch Box, you help support other small businesses. 

Who is a Swatch Box for?

The answer is everyone. Especially those who want to make something different each month.

Do you ship internationally?

You bet your stitch markers we do! Please note that shipping rates apply at check out for international orders. 

"Help, I'm looking for the perfect gift for my mom! I know nothing about this stuff. Can you put together something unique and send it to Antartica?"

Not only is Swatch Box a subscription service for makers, but we are personal shoppers for those who make. Need it wrapped with a personal memo inside then shipped to a far away land? No problem. 

Contact us for more information and we can get your gift the mail straight away!

I would love to learn more about placing my goods in your box, how can I learn more?

For direct inquiries, please email us: stefanie [at] shopswatchbox [dot] com.