Swatch Box Knit

Swatch Box Knit

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We know what you are thinking: "Wait a minute, where are the photos of January's boxes and the product descriptions?!"

Some changes are happening around here...Including keeping our month boxes a better surprise to our subscribers! We will post hints about the items in boxes throughout the month, so don't you worry ;) Also, you can shop items from our boxes in our online store #comingsoon. 

Swatch Box Knit will vary month to month. After all, variety is the spice of life. Some months, Swatch Boxes include yarn while others contain all notions with project bags or yarn with project bags. Three to four amazing items will come to you via your Swatch Box.

The point of your Swatch Box is to grow that stash of yours. You have permission to sock your new items away until a rainy day or use them right away.