Swatch it Like it's Hot

Greetings, fellow stitch addicts.

My name is Stefanie and I am the gal behind Swatch Box. My business partner, Butter the bunny, and I are so excited to "meet" you. Yes, I made my house bunny my business partner. I pay him handsomely in carrots and pets. 


Today, Swatch Box Knit debuts! For some of you, that means that your box will arrive at your doorstep very soon.

Swatch Box is a combination of many things: the love of making, the love of discovery, my enormous craft stash, hoarding fabrics and yarns, photography, writing, and connecting with other creatives.

Each item placed in a Swatch Box is hand selected by myself. And as a maker, I use many of the products you will see in your boxes. I've tested them myself and use them daily; I love these products and I am eager to share them with others. Not only that, but when you purchase a Swatch Box you help support other small businesses. One of my goals for Swatch Box is for you to discover new brands, love them, and support that brand in the future by buying from them directly. 

Butter and I are pleased to announce that Swatch Box for stitchers will debut on May 1st. And something else debuts later this month, but I can't blow the surprise. And yes, it includes a giveaway. 

~ Stefanie and Butter the Bunny