Pea Pod Threads DPN Holder - Swatch Box Knit April 2017

The first person I told about Swatch Box, besides the hubs, is my friend Lisa. Lisa owns Pea Pod Threads, a sweet Etsy store full of cheerful knitting bags, DPN holders, and much more.

Something you should know about Lisa and I is that we are *kinda* obsessed with all things sock knitting. Alright, we are totally obsessed.

I think it is safe to say that we have the longest running conversation on Instagram about sock knitting. From patterns to speckled yarn, we see it, we send that post to each other.

After telling Lisa about my startup, I asked Lisa if she could make DPN holders for my first box. I was thrilled when she said yes. I couldn't wait to share this unique notion with my followers. It is just a neat way to keep your sock knitting together!

I chose her DPN holder because it is a clever way to keep your sock knitting contained. She made these DPN holders with Cotton + Steel fabric, love those arrows! Juggling DPNs can be cumbersome and the last thing you want is to place your knitting somewhere and a DPN comes out of your row. Not that I speak from experience...

~ Stefanie